Irvan is a Landscape Architect with eight years of work experience with design firms based in Singapore and Shanghai. Skilled  in comprehensive landscape architectural design schematic design, design development to documentation drawing for master-planning, mixed-use developments, residential developments, resorts, hospitalty and public realm projects.


2016 – 2019

Landscape Architect, Surbana —Jurong Consultants Pte Ltd, Singapore

• Consults with the clients and related disciplines to determine design scopes, requirements, budget, and estimated construction time
• Compiling studies and analysis of the project site including soil, road, topography, vegetation, hydrology, visual potentials, heritage and surrounding structures
• Formulates design recommendations with graphic presentations includes sketches, 3D visualization or perspectives and scale drawings (site plans, sections elevations and typical detail drawing)
• Recommends planting character and landscape hardscape materials
• Prepares reports, siteplans, working drawings,specifications and cost estimates for land development

• Conducts on-site inspections to assure adherence to the final plan.

2013 – 2016
Architectural Executive, DP Architects, Singapore
• Consults with clients and related disciplines concerning existing site, scope, requirements of design, budget and construction timeline
• Analyses the site includes soil, vegetation, hydrology, topography, visual potential, surrounding structures, and site context.
• Formulates creative design proposals and recommendations in graphic presentations (including sketches, 3D models/visualization, and scale drawings)
• Recommends softscape and hardscape material selections
• Recommends accessibility and circulation in a design report

• Conducts and attends design Workshop to clients and other involved disciplines.

Mar 2013 – Nov 2013
Landscape Architect, Site Concepts International Ltd, Shanghai, CHina

• Confers with clients and related disciplines regarding the site, design requirements, scope, budget, design style and construction timeline
• Studies site analysis including topography, existing structures, winds, hydrology, vegetation, heritage
• Formulates design recommendation in graphic presentations including scale drawings and sketch illustrations
• Advises on landscape design developments and working drawings

2012 – 2013
Landscape Designer, Element Design Studio Pte Ltd, Singapore
• Confers with related discipline on matters concerning existing site, design scope, requirements, cost and construction timeline
• Analyses site data on topographic and geographical aspects, soil, vegetation, site hydrology, visual characteristic, and man-made structures
• Undertakes research related to historical, culture, conservation and feasibility
• Formulates creative design proposal in sketches and scale drawings (including site plans,

sections, and elevations)

• Develops landscape designs into schematic design studies
• Recommends hardscape selections and determines outdoor space facilities including

accessibility and circulations.

Landscape Designer, ISS Hydroculture Pte Ltd, Singapore

• Consults with clients and related disciplines concerning eBisting site, design reRuirements, budget and construction process
• Analyses existing site, including vegetation, existing structures visuals and site hydrology
• Formulates design proposals in graphic presentations, includes scale drawings and 3d visualization in design report package
• Recommends softscape and hardscape selections and specifcations

• Advises on estimates construction costs
• Supervises on-site construction Tork to assure adherence to the final plan

• Advises replacements and recommendations on defect occurrence.

Jun 2010- Sep 2010
Landscape Architect (Intern), Belt Collins International Pte Ltd, Singapore

• Conduct studies and analysis of projects, including vegetation, hydrology, topography, heritage and existing structures

• Assisting landscape architects to produce graphic presentations including scale drawings and perspective drawings

• Attends on-site inspections


2018 Honourable Mention ATard, Integrated Landscape Design, Ecological Yater Management, Yixing,       China (with Surbana Jurong Pte Ltd)
2018 Honourable Mention Award, Eco-Landscape Planning of Xixian Airport City, Xian (with Surbana Jurong Pte Ltd)

2018 Honourable Mention Award, 12 km Hancheng Riverfront, 700Ha theme Park (Tith Surbana Jurong Pte Ltd)
2011 1st Price, Pondok Indah Urban Eco-Park Landscape Design Competition
2011 3rd Price, Soekarno Hatta Eco-Airport Landscape Masterplan Competition

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