We here at ARLAN get pretty busy with our day-to-day tasks and are often so focused on our own work, we don’t have the chance to see other’s work. Which is why it’s always such a pleasure to be invited to different universities! We get to share what we know about the industry but also hear from aspiring young architects. What’s their direction or motivation? What do they want to see more of within the industry?.

Most recently, ARLAN had the opportunity to visit and act as guest lecturer at the Landscape Architecture Study Program in the Sumatra Institute of Technology (ITERA). The program was full of sharing sessions with the theme “Why Landscape Architecture?”

Our co-founder, Irvan Nugraha, joined this particular program. After many years working internationally, Mr. Nugraha now resides in Singapore. He was able to share his unique point of view working abroad.

In his lecture, Mr. Nugraha gave an in-depth overview of his work not just from the perspective of design, but his professional experience in a highly dynamic location like Singapore.

We were all students once. We remember the lectures, the research, the late nights. What sometimes eluded us was applying all that amazing knowledge! How do students prepare for real-life work?. We hope that by sharing our professional experience with students, they will be better equipped in their field and anticipate some of the up’s and down’s (and hopefully not too many ‘downs’).

Thank you, ITERA for having us. We learned a lot from these talented young people and valued their opinions and insights. We hope to see you again soon!

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